It Takes "Smart" Robots to Make a "Smart" Factory

Intelligent Manufacturing won’t need industrial robots; it will demand “smart” industrial robots. Smart robots tricked out with sensors and AI will be the next great leap in automation. That great leap will take place—at scale!—in Asia.

A Big Year for  Intelligent Manufacturing

We’re never going to look at industrial robots the same way ever again. Intelligence has a funny way of doing that to things. 

We’ll give robots names, and say “Excuse me” when we pass too close. They’ll think up jobs for themselves that we never thought of before. We’ll wonder just how smart they become and try to measure it, and we’ll be blown away at what we find. 

That’s All Coming at Us in 2018

Maybe this is how it was meant to be:
Humans and robots working together
at the very heart of what it is to make anything

Asian Outlook 2017-2020: Robots, Automation & Industry?
Labor costs, global competition, national initiatives, and innovation demands, drive Asia’s investments in robotics to the max from 2017 onward

New Automation, New Attitude, New Asia
Asia spending big and fast for technological advantage is making headway

Part One of a Two-part Series
The Promise of Cobots…Delivered!
Initially dismissed as a non-factor, this brilliantly-conceived robot arm has turned the robotics industry on its head. Now, a cobot is a must-have in every robot maker’s product line, or else!

Will Cobots & Augmented Reality (AR) Spike Productivity? 
When HR starts handing out AR displays to every new hire, productivity could well jump off the charts. Cobot and human worker teams could benefit hugely.

In 2017, China's Purchase of 110,000 Industrial Robots Clocked Out at Over 2100 Robots per Week!

We’ve Got Liftoff…Finally!
1H2017 was the countdown we’ve all been waiting to hear

Part One: Grins & Gains
Robot Blast Off: China Spends Its Way to Victory
Tremors in Tokyo, and it’s not an earthquake

Part Two: The Guru of Shanghai
Forecast for Industrial Robots Through 2020
Georg Stieler’s purview on robot automation after six years in China

Part Three: Robot Parts
Critical Importance Amid Explosive Growth
Factory of the Future would grind to a halt without them

Part Four: China’s Robot Reply
China’s Reply: Aim High, Be Bold
Will foreign robot suppliers dominate China’s million-plus factories?

Part Five: Magical Mystery Tour
KUKA: Total Access for China’s Robot Insider 
China and KUKA team up for a magical mystery tour into robotics, AI, and a massive
high-tech IP database.

AI Arrives in Asia: Let the Games Begin!?
“Asia’s business landscape is poised not only to benefit greatly from AI’s rise, but to also define it,” reports MIT’s Technology Review?

Why Is AI Important for Asian Automation?
Can Asia’s Industrial Internet of Things and its robot-driven Factories of the Future succeed without Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI Arrives in Asia: Who’s Doing What…or Not Enough?
Deep learning in Korea, Japan and China. Differing agendas and directions, same goal: Manufacturing.

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