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Welcome to Intelligent Manufacturing 2018
It takes smart robots to make a smart factory

Ignition. Blast Off! Asia’s New Normal: Spending Billions on Robots
Special 5-part article series is a look behind the scenes at the most incredible transformation in history

Guess Who’s Driving China’s Robot Revolution?
Already spreading billions of dollars all over East and Southeast Asia, China’s middle-class largesse is about to go into hyperdrive as robot-driven automation gets cranking

China’s Retail Boom: Automation, Robots & Lingerie
Victoria’s Secret may need more than a glitzy fashion show in Shanghai to score big with China’s white-hot consumer marketplace

 Legacy Automation Arrives: “Dumb” Robots vs. “Smart” Robots
Coming sooner than we think: Robots won’t be programmed to work, they will be taught to work. They will “learn” to work!

Will China’s Current Five-Year Plan Be Its Greatest Ever?
If so, somewhere prominent will reside a massive statue of an industrial robot covered in lotus flowers and orchids…and gawked at by schoolchildren

Looking to Make a Fortune Investing in Robotics?
For 2018, big winners rare while broad, quick growth settles in to stay awhile

Hey, Asia! Are You Watching Yourself Change?
It’s amazing and it’s happening faster than anyone thought possible

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