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Asian E-Commerce to Double: $2.7T by 2020
Looming, mega-logistics challenge that only robot-driven automation can remedy

Never Better! Selling Robots, Cobots, Grippers, AGVs & Parts in China
SMEs pick up $9.7 billion in government subsidies; guarantees on $73 billion in loans over the next three years (to 2022)

What If Toyota Made Cobots…by the Millions!?
Cobot manufacturers have a looming problem: Capacity. Is cobot disruption nearby because of it?

Welcome to Intelligent Manufacturing 2018
It takes smart robots to make a smart factory

Rising Cobot Tsunami: Who Will Lead?
Cobot sales forecast to double by 2020, surging to 700k by 2025

Thailand’s $45 Billion Leap to Industry 4.0
Newly approved plan favors 10 key industries, with robotics and logistics carving out a $6 billion share

$321B in ASEAN Infrastructure Funding to Drive Automation
May well be the jewel in the crown of Asia’s future

Just in Time, Korea Leans on Technology for Help
The Robot Act of 2008 gets revamped, redirected and refinanced


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