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Never Better! Selling Robots, Cobots, Grippers, AGVs & Parts in China
SMEs pick up $9.7 billion in government subsidies; guarantees on $73 billion in loans over the next three years (to 2022)

What If Toyota Made Cobots…by the Millions!?
Cobot manufacturers have a looming problem: Capacity. Is cobot disruption nearby because of it?

Welcome to Intelligent Manufacturing 2018
It takes smart robots to make a smart factory

Global Robotics 2018: All’s Well that Ends Well
Getting ready for 2019 & 2020: End-of-year snapshot on industrial robot sales and deployments, AI/robot convergence, VC & corporate investments, Asian GDP forecast, and a look at a big year ahead for cobots in China

Rising Cobot Tsunami: Who Will Lead?
Cobot sales forecast to double by 2020, surging to 700k by 2025

Thailand’s $45 Billion Leap to Industry 4.0
Newly approved plan favors 10 key industries, with robotics and logistics carving out a $6 billion share

Just in Time, Korea Leans on Technology for Help
The Robot Act of 2008 gets revamped, redirected and refinanced

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