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Asia: Overview by Region

The Asian Century & The Xi Effect
Asia’s Rendezvous with the Future Is Arriving Fast
The world’s showcase and continent-wide laboratory for robot-driven automation in this The Fourth Industrial Revolution

East Asia Bears Watching
Something very big is going on here: Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo

Southeast Asia: The Bounty & Promise of ASEAN
Food, consumers and industry in exchange for investment and automation technology

China’s Big Push: Xi, Robots and Productivity
Leap to manufacturing economy based on invention and technology demands increased productivity

Emperor of All Robots Put to the Test
Saving Japan from itself with robotics: Competition and productivity 
for a shrinking workforce

Korea Awakens, Reacts…and Accelerates
Economic urgency spurs demand for advanced manufacturing robots

Crunch Time for Taiwan: Robotics and Automation
Aware of its limitations and very tardy, Taiwan hurries to catch up with East Asia

Robots for India: Industry’s Troubling Headwinds
Robots, automation, Gandhi and “premature de-industrialization.”

January 2022

Three Hallmarks Defining Cobot Success
Cobot Specialization, R&D Excellence & Leading IP
Three tech attributes showing themselves necessary for cobot success. Universal Robots, Techman, and Doosan share the knack, but better keep an eye on newcomer ELITE ROBOT.

The Pittsburgh Story, Part 2
Flexing Pittsburgh’s Robotics Prowess
Positioned to help meet America’s greatest manufacturing challenges

Careers in “Smart” Robotics: Do Yourself a Favor
“Smart” Job Tracks Powered by Robotics & AI
Here’s what a little “intelligence” can bring to the life of a machine.
Here are 10 on the way to 32. Hang with us for more in 2022!

This Is Robotics, Episode #7

Micro-Fulfillment: $10B by 2026, ~$36B by 2030
Top Emerging Trend During COVID Driven by Online Grocery & Dark Stores

Flipping the Lens
On Fear & Loathing of AI/ML

February 2022

35 Free Courses, Just a Click Away!
Free Online Robotics Courses
Prestigious Universities, Superb Instructors, Opportunity of a Lifetime
Can China Reskill 220M Workers?
Unlocking the talent resident in 220M potentially more important than Belt & Road; plus, legacy-building for President Xi Jinping.
Protopia and the End of Humans Coding AnythingWith “developer dropout” shockingly 30%—and rising! are humans ill-suited as programmers? Would AI/ML be a better choice?

This Is Robotics, Episode #8

 SRT: Automatic Handling of Materials with Holes?ISC internal support clamp is recommended!

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
Olympic Robots Get Serious
Testing, patrolling, disinfecting, purifying, shipping…and trying to make coffee!
The Gripper Chronicles
Touch Blind: The Quest for Grippers That Feel
Australian haptics developer endows robot grippers with the ability to feel, which might lead from factories to logistics to prosthetics to connecting with dementia patients.

March 2022

Cobots are being utilized at a Portuguese plastic manufacturer which saw a rise in plastic tubing orders for stereoscopic planting. ELITE ROBOT stretching its cobot reach

Cobots, Turkey
Cobots One of Country’s Hottest Automation Trends ELITE ROBOT Looks to Grab Share of Turkish Market
Introducing The Entire Family…
SRT’s product family series: Leading the end-effector revolution in soft robotics for intelligent manufacturing solutions.
Here Comes Micro Fulfillment
Going Micro: Boon to Dying Malls and Warehouse Robots
Empty malls converted to last-mile warehouses forecast to $10B by 2026, while logistics robotics to flourish.
Top 5 Fan Favorites: Bite-Size Audio Excerpts
The Very Best of This Is Robotics: Radio News
Top 5 fan favorites! Presented as 5- to 10- minute audio excerpts from our podcast episodes

SRT Grasps the Importance of Food Production Safety
Company looks to take bite out of $8.7 trillion food industry

April 2022

Dear Buyers: Know Your Vendors
Simply put: Who are these people and what do they want with my money?

A Special Something Between Robots and Humans?
Four of the most revolutionary robots of the 21st century all work closely with humans. What’s the message?

How Technology, Even Low-Tech, Takes Jobs
Lessons learned about automation from the low-tech shipping container

How Technology Got to Now!
Helping workers take advantage of the new jobs that technology will create

This Is Robotics, Episode #9

May 2022

Keep an Eye on Nidec
Nidec’s Nagamori, say analysts, has an uncanny ability to predict industry trends. So far, so good!

Smart Shopping at Your Side
Supermarket Robots Automatically Pick and Replenish Goods.
Andy, Moxi & Viv
Three Women in Robotics Making History

Excerpt: This Is Robotics: Radio News Episode #9

 The Rise of Daegu City
Kim Chang-ho Leads Drive for Robot Technopolis
Decade of work pays off in high-tech victory as Daegu City wins nationwide competition as mega-site for Korea’s Robot Technopolis

Implications for Tech Staffing
Nationwide Implications for New York City’s AI Bias Audit Law
Can machine learning, statistical modeling, and data analytics combine to fairly screen job applicants?

June 2022

Best New Friend from SRT
Professional Pneumatic Control Module (SCB-PT)
Inflection Point for China’s Agriculture?
Ex-VC Eyes China for Big Push in Ag-Tech
How will China modernize its agricultural sector by 2035, and fully transform the countryside by 2050?

Robots & AI Partnering in Drug Discovery
Key challenge in drug discovery: The search for good drug molecules in the vastness of chemical space. Turns out, perfect place for robots.