Cobots & Grippers: PCs of the Robot Era

Welcome to our new column, which is in direct response to the many queries and information requests we receive
from businesses large and small—just like yours— looking to know more about cobot and gripper equipment
as well the cobot and gripper industry and its future.


Why Use Collaborative Robots (Cobots) Over Conventional Industrial Robots?
Peter Farkas, VP at AUBO Robotics, speaks with SMEs every day. If he had to condense for an SME the essentials of whether to buy a cobot over a conventional industrial robot, what would he say?

Cobot To-Do List: Cheaper to Buy, Easier to Use
The $6,500 cobot and cobots “mimicking humans” have arrived

Buying and Selling Cobots the WeChat Way
Once commoditized, cobots will be ordered online like laptops are today…together with financing, insurance, maintenance, and engineering expertise…all via WeChat

How to Sell Cobots in Thailand
Far away from the banners and booths, a cobot bonanza awaits

Do Cobots Have an Image Problem?
Is automation’s newest robot wonder machine experiencing market pushback. If so, what and why?

Part One of a Two-part Series
The Promise of Cobots…Delivered!
Initially dismissed as a non-factor, this brilliantly-conceived robot arm has turned the robotics industry on its head. Now, a cobot is a must-have in every robot maker’s product line, or else!

Part two of a Two-part Series
Is Disruption Ahead for the Cobot Revolution?
Does the cobot revolution need the revolution of e-commerce to drive wide-scale adoption?

When the Cobot You Bought Is a Lemon
The ubiquitous cobot? Not yet, but by 2025 there will be 840,000 kicking around…annually! Sounds like a lot of repairs in the offing










For complete details to all cobot and gripper equipment and specifications, please see the Cobotics World catalog, which is a highly trusted and well-respected information  resource developed and curated by robotics engineers.  


New Column: The Gripper Chronicles
The Rise of the Smart Gripper
What next for the all-important, business end of every robot…the gripper?

“The Gripper Chronicles” Turns One
All-Out Collaboration: Any Cobot, Any Tool, Any Job
As The Gripper Chronicles turns one, we chat with OnRobot’s Enrico Krog Iversen about being the “everything” gripper/EOAT supplier for every cobot brand. Is it possible…and is it necessary?

Grippers: Robots Aren’t Much Without Them
Who are the gripper-meisters? 15 leading gripper manufacturers

Gripper Disruption: Topping Off a Robot’s Arm
Will grippers become the brainy aristocrats in factories and warehouses that run the show?

Grippers Chasing Cobots to Fame & Fortune
With cobot marketplace forecast at $9.2B by 2025, every cobot will demand a “skillful” gripper

Customized Grippers: Components for AI’s Next Wave
RGS Automation sees advantages in custom-built over off-the-shelf grippers

AUTOMATICA 2018: Cobots and Grippers Rule!
How important are “smart” grippers to Industry 4.0?

The Rise of the “Smart” Gripper
What next for the all-important, business end of every robot…the gripper?
Are grippers getting a mind of their own?