When Intelligence & Machines Meet

Your “Robotics” Pin-up for 2019…and 2020!

Here’s what a little “intelligence” can bring to the life of a machine. Print this map out and pin it up at your desk, cube, or home office

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has put a lot of time and energy into creating a series of Transformation Maps. This one, a map for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, is quite amazing. The WEF has taken an incredibly complex mix of technology, and graphically displayed it all in one place.

Five years ago, Artificial Intelligence would not have been a part of the central label, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; it would have read Robotics…only!

The Transformation Map for Robotics is amazing, and even more amazing with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the subtlety of putting Artificial Intelligence in front of the word Robotics is very telling on its own.

For 2019, follow the trails that emanate out from the center of this Transformation Map; by 2020, the central label may well have contracted to read only: Robot Intelligence.

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