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"2022 Bright, New Year for Robotics"

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The Lineup for Podcast #6 Includes:

Three Hallmarks Defining Cobot Success

Three tech attributes showing themselves to be necessary for cobot success. Universal Robots, Techman, and Doosan share the knack, but better keep an eye on newcomer ELITE ROBOT.

Ask Any Cobot: Human Workers Cost More Than Wages

Renting cobots: From Capex to Opex. Rent, lease, contract for, or Robots as a Service (RaaS)…whatever!  Not owning a cobot has a big upside that’s getting bigger.

Hooray for Construction Robotics: On The Rise for 2022

Construction-site cacophony. We’ve all suffered through the annoying din. Construction is not only noisy and a traffic nightmare, but it’s also inefficient, woefully expensive and dangerous. Thankfully, construction is now getting serious attention from automation and robotics, and 2022 might be a breakout year.

China’s New Trend: Precision Robotics

Precision robotics is a key competitive advantage. China turns hard-to-do robotics, like welding, grinding and polishing, into a powerful new industry.

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