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The Lineup for Podcast #3 Includes:

Amazon, Astro and Our Living Rooms

Is Amazon about to crack the code on how to make a mobile robot a part of the family? Amazon shocked the robotics world in 2012 with Kiva, then again in 2015 with Alexa, and maybe now is gearing up for a trifecta.

Philosophy Meets the World of AI, Robotics & Big Data

We’ll visit the resumes of philosophy majors to see how they are uniquely qualified for the world of AI, robotics and big data. Yes, you heard right: philosophers.

International Internet Day: Wrong Date, Wrong...

Every October 29th International Internet Day is celebrated around the world, but did you know that it’s the wrong date, the wrong people, and the wrong computers? Larry Roberts and Tom Marill did it first in February of 1966, three years earlier than 1969 event celebrated widely. And the reason why Larry and Tom did it is absolutely fascinating.

Space Junk & Robots

We’ll visit with Space Junk in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). Whether it’s mom’s dinner table or outer space, we haven’t learned to clean up after ourselves. Meet the robots that want to take on the chore.

The Importance of Machine Tools to Everything

We’ll peer into the wonderful world of machine tools—tools that make tools, without which there are no robots, automation or smart factories. There are only three countries that dominate. Perish the thought that we have a trade war with any one of them.

The Rise of Daegu City

Have you ever heard about Daegu City? No? Thought so. Well, Daegu City (Korea) is on its way to being the largest and most influential Robotics Technopolis in Asia…maybe the world.

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