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The Lineup for Podcast #5 Includes:

China’s Christmas Miracle & What It Means for Robotics

The first story in today’s People Program is as fantastic as it is true. It’s called China’s Christmas Miracle.  What this event meant for robotics and automation is incalculable. Funny things happen when you give people hope. This is a story about hope. China’s best-ever Christmas gift, December 1978: Deng Xiaoping and the birth of modern China.

Yes, Robots Take Jobs (Now We Know. What Next?)

In Honor of Studs Terkel: Pink Slips for Old Technology. For every robot deployed in the U.S., three jobs are lost…permanently. Do the math, it’s only a matter of time until those deployments take their toll. Robots are necessary, but so are jobs for people. Here’s how to have both.

Flexing Pittsburgh’s Robotics Prowess

Pittsburgh’s transformation from dying steel town to a global robotics powerhouse has it positioned to help meet America’s greatest manufacturing challenges. ARM Institute is ready to train and upskill a workforce in robotics (for students, college graduates, and displaced workers …no matter what age you are!) Including Free 2022 how-to PDF download with links and references.

Home & Humanoids for the Holidays

Home for the holidays is not such a pleasant experience for millions globally. But it could be. Holiday Humanoids for those abandoned and living alone, the totally depressed…or the desperately lonely. The possibility of “relational AI” and humanoid robots combining to be wonderful companions for humans…and not just on holidays.

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