Fan Favorites: Bite-Size Audio Excerpts from Recent Podcasts

The Very Best of This Is Robotics: Radio News

Top 5 fan favorites! Presented as 5- to 10- minute audio excerpts from our podcast episodes

The Trouble with Cobots

Arguably the most important advance in robotics in the last 50 years has got a problem: sales. Why is that? Important and far-reaching consequences of those puny sales are a major concern for manufacturing and productivity.

The Golden Age of AMRs?

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you’ve undoubtedly heard the noise of their wheels and the rush of their whizzing by you, either on TV news, YouTube, or better, in person. What you’re seeing and hearing is the future arriving in a hurry. They’re called AMRs, robotics newest celebrities, autonomous mobile robots.

Sex Robots Will Never Make You Cry

The allure, fascination and repulsion for humanity’s new best friend… as well as surprising insights and new revelations


Welcome to The Very Best Ever of This Is Robotics: Radio News

We’re presenting our Top 5 audio news articles taken from our podcast episodes since last August. 

We’re thrilled and excited to say that all of our podcast episodes have been very well received by our listeners and fans. Thank you so much. We’re ecstatic to say there wasn’t a dud in the bunch,

All did very well on the applause meter, fulfilling our mission to inform and entertain in a lively way about our great industry—global robotics.

A bunch of those audio excerpts have really stood out as fan favorites. Too many to include in a single show. However, 5 look to be the best of the best, Our Top 5 Very Best Fan Favorites.

We’ve put all five together into a single podcast, Podcast #8 for March. In addition, we also broke each out to be enjoyed separately, if that’s your preference. So, here spread out on this webpage, you can listen to the 5- to 12-minute segments separately or simply click here to listen to the entire podcast #8. You decide.

Thank you. Tom Green, founder & publisher

Fantastic Five: Asia's Wonder Machines

Five fascinating robot innovations from Asia, each with a massive upside for the global robotics industry. Also, see Fantastic Five webpage

Finding Geniuses for Robotics

Are you one of them? There are a million undiscovered geniuses in the world who, in order to be revealed and flourish, need to experience a spark of passion that ignites and illuminates their genius. Among them are roboticists-in-waiting who will change the world. Let’s find them. These 35 free online robotics courses—from superb educators at prestigious universities—certainly help.