Cutting Through the Fog of AI

Kai-Fu Lee on AI, China, U.S. & the Future

Lucid, candid, thoughtful and thought-provoking, prudent and pragmatic, Kai-fu Lee is at his brilliant best in this eye-opening interview with Singularity University’s equally brilliant Peter Diamandis

“These changes are coming, and we need to tell the truth and the whole truth.
We need to find the jobs that AI can’t do and train people to do them. We need to reinvent education.
These will be the best of times and the worst of times. If we act rationally and quickly, we can bask in what’s best
rather than wallow in what’s worst.” —Kai-fu Lee (MIT 2018)

NOTE: Edited segments taken from 90-minute video interview from Abundance Digital. See full-length version.

Video #1 Kai-fu Lee (7:52)

Why I wrote the book

The emergence and consequences of AI

What are the biggest issues brought about by AI

How did China get to now? AI acceleration in China

Video #2 Kai-fu Lee (13:16)

The Four Waves of AI: From the Internet to Autonomous AI

Video #3 Kai-fu Lee (2:09)

Ray Kurzweil predicts human-level AI by 2029. However, you disagree. Why is that?

Kai-fu Lee completed his PhD in artificial intelligence (speech recognition) at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1988, worked at Apple, SGI, Microsoft and Google (president of Google China) and, in 2009, established Beijing-based Sinovation Ventures (CEO), an early stage venture capital firm.

Sinovation has 11 unicorns (4 of which are AI companies, including, Face++)

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