These Days, Time in Asia Moves Faster Than Anywhere Else

The pace of Asian automation is beginning to lap the field. What’s next, AI?

The Wall Street Journal put together a cool video for its “Moving Upstream” series. It’s all about China’s robot buying spree that’s driving good times in automation throughout Asia, especially East Asia. East Asia, in turn, is spreading the era of good feeling in automation south into Southeast Asia.

Last summer, Asian Robotics Review prematurely welcomed in 2018…five months early. In our multi-part series: Blast Off! we chronicled the epic ramp up of robots, robot parts and robot-driven automation that erupted in the spring of 2017.  It was 2017 everywhere else on the planet, but 2018 in Asia.

Our subtitle: “It takes smart robots to make a smart factory: Welcome to Intelligent Manufacturing 2018.”

Now, the WSJ takes an East Asian video tour of what’s going on. Check it out; it’s quite good. It’s a look at the aftermath of our Blast Off! report.

This spring, 2018, get ready to welcome in 2019. Yes, automation is moving that fast in Asia. Is AI next?

It takes smart robots to make a smart factory. Welcome to Intelligent Manufacturing 2018 

Intelligent Manufacturing won’t need industrial robots; it will demand “smart” industrial robots. Smart robots tricked out with sensors and AI will be the next great leap in automation.  That great leap will take place—at scale!—in Asia. Look for the outbreak in 2018.

Then Blast Off! into the year ahead

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