New Products

SRT: VFC Series Van der Waals Pads

SRT has launched the new VFC series of van der Waals Pads

New Products

SRT has launched the new VFC series of van der Waals Pads to provide more i-EOAT solutions for plenty of industries including 3C electronics, food, beverage, dairy, chemical and medical industries.

Product description
SRT continues to develop and innovate in special polymer materials and in surface technics that can reach the accuracy of micron order, aiming to create a strong intermolecular forces between suction cups and smooth surfaces that can reach 0.5 kg/cm².

As a combination of advantages, VFC series of Van der Waals Pads was launched. This product can hold the surface of the workpiece without leaving a mark. It is ideal for gripping cardboard, glass, circuit boards, metal, plastic, smooth packaging, etc.

Product advantage

1、Simple assembly structure for plug and play

VFC series Van der Waals pads consist of a flange connection, a buffer column and a suction cup module:

  • The flange connector is easily removable and can be attached to the arm without removing the screws on both sides of the flange;
  • The buffer column provides the right preload force for the suction cup to ensure their efficiency;
  • When the pads reach the end of their life, only the pads module need to be replaced, saving costs in production.
  1. Structural innovation

VFC series Van der Waals Pads has a unique surface structure with a contact surface made of millions of fibrous bundles, which increases the self-adaptability and suction force of the cups. Van der Waals Pads are designed to hold smooth or porous workpieces and provide a strong suction force.

3. Unique technology, no residue on the surface of workpiece

In comparison to conventional suction cups, VFC series Van der Waals pads do not leave adsorption dents or marks on the surface of the workpiece and therefore do not require secondary cleaning.

4. Power failure self-locking to ensure the safety of operation

In the event of a sudden power failure during production, traditional suction cups do not have a power failure self-locking function and will immediately stop working and cause damage to the workpiece. However, VFC series Van der Waals pads use molecular force to attach. Therefore, VFC is unaffected by electricity or air and can still attach workpiece even in the event of an unexpected power failure.

Successful Cases of SRT

SRT showcased visual inspection solution for screen panels, as well as PCB board loading and unloading solution. We hope SRT can bring you more solution options.

CB board loading and unloading solutions
PCB boards are thin, brittle and fragile, and require high static protection. Traditional grippers have strong and uncontrollable clamping forces, which can easily cause PCB board warping or damage. Flexible grippers can be used for the back-channel packaging of PCB boards and can replace packaging workers on the assembly line, realizing automated material supply in the workshop.

Visual inspection solutions for screen panels
The flexible grippers enable flexible gripping and intelligent detection of fragile panels by grabbing the edges of the panels. The visual inspection blind spots and the defects of leaving marks during suction have been fixed, significantly reducing the factory’s manpower requirements. The grippers can be equipped with different compound robots to realize automated material supply in the workshop.

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