Massive Job Ahead for Service Robots

COVID Time Capsule

A stash of memories from the most incredible of human disasters...a few resolutions for tomorrow...and a promise for next time

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves.”

Service Robots Battle Pandemic

“We’re hip deep in the Great Virus War of 2020, and any time we can get a service robot to switch out with a human on the front lines, let’s do it!

“The problem there is that, in the multi-billion-dollar business that is the professional service robotics industry, there are very few service robots that can take on the necessary jobs.”The Great Virus War of 2020
Service Robots Head to Pandemic’s Frontlines
Meet FACO: New Breed of AI-Powered, Multi-Tasking Service Robots

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New Virus for a New Millennium

“Viruses are evolving to be better killers, service robots must evolve to meet the deadly challenge.”

“THAT frightening word “pandemic” is back in the news,” wrote economist Tyler Cowen in a New York Times (NYT) article back in 2013—seven years ago!
New Breed: “Collaborative” Service Robots
Service Robots & The Pandemic Next Time!
Will service robots make the deadline? They need help in order to help us.

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The One-Two Punch: Virus & Recession

“As COVID revealed an American healthcare system unprepared to deal with a pandemic, it may also reveal an America similarly unprepared to deal with a pandemic of the displaced and jobless.”
COVID Accelerates Automation & Job Losses
Is it time for a new-age G.I. Bill that targets reskilling/upskilling?

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COVID-19, the Workplace, Workers & Jobs

“Everyone is well aware these days that the global workplace is reeling from COVID-19. With so many layoffs, furloughs, and work closings for displaced workers, while for those still working, so many health and job concerns, it’s near impossible to sort through it all for what’s important and worthwhile.

“Employers and employees have been deluged with a bewildering amount of information. Most of it is well-intentioned, but still difficult to absorb.”
Littler Worldwide Insight:
COVID Effect on Global Workplace, Workers & Jobs

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We’ve Been Warned!

“For all the terror that the coronavirus has caused, it’s really just a shot across the bow of humanity, a warning that “next time” something much worse may this way cometh.

“How will humanity prepare for next time?

“It appears that robot sentinels properly equipped with sensor tech could provide early warning enough to prevent a disease outbreak from going rogue…or worse, mushrooming into a full-blown pandemic.”Speculative Robotics
Can Robot Sentinels Warn of Viruses?
Mobile robots bristling with sensor tech and AI—like an electronic “smart nose”—might provide early warning enough to prevent Wuhan-like disasters

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Here’s the Robot Challenge

“Nearly 5 billion people annually take to the skies (better than 60 percent of the world’s population), while millions of others come to see them off or cheer them home.

“Sure, individual aircraft recirculate onboard air and filter it with “High-Efficiency Particular Air” or HEPA filters, but airports don’t HEPA-filter the air at any of the world’s 41,000 airports.”
Some Things Bear Repeating
Airports as Virus Carriers
A chilling threat of epidemics and pandemics lurks within every airport during a virus crisis.

Before future viruses get out of hand, wouldn’t an army of virus-busting robots patrolling airports help in the alert process

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