Directory of Participants

Ruben Agote                           Partner, Cuatrecasas Law  Firm (Barcelona, Spain)
Andrew Arruda                     CEO, Ross Intelligence
Jim Burke                                 CEO, Advanced Discovery
Jeff Burnstein                        President, Association for Advancing Automation
Henrik Christensen           Director, U.C. San Diego’s Institute of Contextual Robotics
Ariel Conn                               Director of Media and Outreach, Future of Life Institute
Carmelo Fontana                Senior Regional Counsel, Google
Charlie  Gray                          Vice President & General Counsel, Teradyne
Tom Green                               Founder & Publisher, Asian Robotics Review
Traci Gusher                          Managing Director, Data & Analytics, KPMG
James Hairston                    Head of Public Policy, Oculus
Fred Headon                          Assistant General Counsel – Labor and Employment, Air Canada
Alejandro Jaimes                 Head of R&D, Digital Ocean
David Kennedy                     Lexington/AIG
Bob Nevin                                Lexington/AIG
Forrest Pace                           Lexington/AIG
Jeanmarie Giordano          Lexington/AIG     
Brian Kuhn                              Co-Founder and Leader of IBM Watson Legal
Tom McMahon                      VP of Advocacy & Public Affairs, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems 
Reggie McKnight                 Legal Counsel, Facebook
Oren Michels                         Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Cloudery
M. Yusuf M. Mohamed     Deputy General Counsel – Employment & Immigration

Gary Nelson                            Founder, Nelson Family of Companies
Jerry Osborn                          President, KUKA Robotics USA
Reginald Rasch                      General Counsel, Rakuten
F. Daniel Siciliano                 Director, Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford
Peet van Biljon                      Capital Expert Services, LLC
Edward Walters                   CEO, FastCase
Yulun Wang                            CEO, Intouch Health
Mitchell Weiss                      CTO, Seegrid Corporation
Kenji Yamanami                   Corporate Officer, Fronteo
ER Anderson                          VP, Communications & Government Affairs, HR Policy Association
Daniel Chasen                       Director of Research & Publications, HR Policy Association
David Geanacouploas       Senior VP, Volkswagen
Rob Green                               Director for Workplace Policy, U.S. House of Representatives
Mina Hanna                           Chair, IEEE-USA Ad-Hoc Artificial Intelligence Policy Committee
Sunmin Kumin                      Innovation Fellow, Senator Schatz’s office (Hawaii)
Jeff McGuiness                    CEO Emeritus, HR Policy Association
Chuck Merin                          EVP, Prime Policy Group
Elena Messina                       Program Manager, Robotic Systems for Smart Manufacturing Program, NIST
Brian Raymond                    Director – Innovation Policy, National Association of Manufacturers
Mark Wilson                          Vice President, Health and Education Policy, HR Policy Association
Daniel Yager                          Founding Partner, HR Policy Association
Bob  Latta                                Congressman, (R-Ohio) 5th Congressional District