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Highly Flexible Soft Claw Technology

50% increase in production line speed
In the past two years, although the general environment has brought some obstacles to the stable development of most industries, the baking industry, as a typical fast-moving consumer goods, still maintains a rapid growth in market size and output. There is no doubt that production line automation is an important factor to ensure production quality and increase production capacity.

According to the latest research report by the American Bakers Association, the total economic output of the global baking industry has reached nearly 425 billion US dollars. With such a broad market, if most bakery producers apply robotic automation to their production, we will see an explosion in production.

Now, SRT has launched bakery automation solutions based on highly flexible soft claw technology for the global bakery industry. The solution is combined with SFG flexible claw, which is flexible and easy to use.

It can adapt to various food textures, shapes and sizes of flexible fixtures, which can bring easy to use, efficient and flexible automatic production methods for bakery industry customers.

Increase productivity with reliable and efficient SFG flexible grippers

Bakery products are made as soft as a French bun or as crisp as a wafer. Different morphological characteristics lead to many enterprises still use manual production, the low degree of automation makes it difficult to achieve standardized development of the industry.

For example, most pastries are rough and uneven, oily, prone to detrification, or coated with saccharin/icing, etc. A wafer manufacturing company in Canada used vacuum cups to pick up wafer on the conveyor belt in the early stage.

The vacuum sucker will suck away some food particles during operation, resulting in the production equipment must be shut down regularly for maintenance. In addition, conventional vacuum cups fail to provide higher grasping speed and reliability, and frequent food drops nearly double the amount of waste.

The SFG flexible gripper from the SRT soft robot has a high-speed pick and place frequency of 300 cpm/min, almost no omission or drop during work, and can match the speed of all industrial robots, ensuring that the equipment runs 7*24 hours without interruption.

The data shows that the use of srt flexible baking solutions can increase the speed of the overall production line by 50%.

SFG flexible claw is a human-like hand-wrapped grasping food grade clamp, which can be used for automatic picking and positioning of different sizes and packages of soft bread, crisp cookies and marshmallows, etc. The controlled holding force will not cause deformation, crushing and other problems of pastry grasping, and will not leave obvious marks. By introducing industrial robots with SFG flexible jaws, SRT has successfully helped a pastry company’s mooncake production line to achieve the production capacity of 85 boxes per minute and 250,000 mooncakes per shift.



We attach great importance to food safety
Food safety is a key factor in the baking industry. Both food producers and packers need to ensure the safety of their products while maintaining rapid production. Then, appropriate optimization of current automation equipment is a direct way to improve food safety.

SRT believes there is broad scope for an increase in automated, flexible productivity in the production of healthy food.

In July 2022, SRT launched the new SFG-S food grade fixture. Jig has strict safety certification, its fingers are made of food-grade silicone material, passed the FDA test, Japan JFSL370 two-way detection certification, can act on the surface of food for a long time.

At the same time, the fixture adopts sanitary design, the surface cracks are all sealed with food-grade fluorine rubber ring, avoid food residue into the fixture interior, product protection level is high. After operation, it can be directly rinsed with a high-pressure water gun, which is “easy to take care of”, making it a perfect choice for food production lines.

SFG Flexible Gripper can bring more unexpected upgrades
Baked food manufacturers have fast product updates, frequent production changes, and high cost of upgrading equipment. The SFG flexible gripper is fully compatible with one jaw, and it can also be matched with a common bracket with adjustable spacing. In addition to ensuring that the production line runs at optimal capacity, SFG flexible grippers can adapt to the changing needs of diverse bakery industry customers.

There is no doubt that the efficiency and productivity improvement brought by the upgrading of automation technology are immeasurable. Compared with traditional production methods, automation applications have reduced employees’ operations by nearly 70% and increased the flexibility of personnel allocation.

At the same time, through the use of automated solutions, the direct contact between people and food is reduced, and the impact of human factors on product manufacturing is minimized. It not only strictly follows the quality management system, but also helps customers achieve precise control of food quality.

At present, the dividend period of the bakery market is still doing well. No matter how many variables the future is full of, the highly flexible bakery automation solutions from SRT can not only keep up with changing product forms, but also help production companies keep up with growing demand and expand their business scale, allowing companies to continue their automation journey forward.

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