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"SFG’s Food-Grade Fixture" Value Highlights

New Generation of Flexible End-Effector...Born for Breakthroughs!

“Here we go! How does SRT’s latest SFG-S food grade fixture achieve high efficiency, high intelligence and high protection?

New Generation of Flexible End-Effector
Born for Breakthroughs!
Food manufacturing is an important pillar of the national economy. Under the tide of intelligent manufacturing, the transformation of food industry is imminent. If you are a member of the food industry, do you have the following problems:

  • The operation environment of the production line is complex, the SKU types are complex, and the equipment replacement cost is high;
  • High timeliness and accuracy requirements, and strong immediate response needs;
  • Labor shortage and high labor cost, manual sorting cannot break the capacity;
  • Food safety problems are difficult to trace, and the cost of testing is high;
  • The demand for seasonal and periodic centralized production is large, and the production efficiency needs to be improved immediately.

Trying to turn the food sorting line upside down

You need a “food grade jig”

Not all I-EOATs are the same. What are the most common end tools used in food processing?

Stainless steel finger/needle

Although most in line with food safety standards, it is easy to destroy food in the process of sorting and can not be completely closed, which is an important cause of bacterial invasion and food contamination.

Vacuum system

Vacuum cups, for example, are most effective for handling already packaged/protected products, but air reflux exacerbates the growth, spread and spread of bacteria within the equipment;

Adaptive grasping system

Advances in materials science have made it possible to innovate in the design and functionality of I-EOAT, with their soft materials, environmental adaptability, and sealing systems ensuring food safety.

Based on the above, SRT relies on strong research and development strength, the new launch of SFG-S food grade fixture. Sfg-s food grade fixture is not only more solid and durable, but also can be matched on demand, so that you can do everything easily and save effort everywhere in the food production line.

 “Food grade” fixture “civilian” application.
Make the professional more professional.

[Model] SFG-SNM2-N4049

[Fixture load] 1.2kg

[Grasping object size] 0-65mm

[Grasping object type] for grasping abnormal shape, vulnerable, easy to scratch items are applicable;

[Environment] suitable for dust, oil pollution in the harsh environment;

[Colloid] can be replaced N40 series other colloid, N4062, N4075, etc. (can be customized according to the actual conditions).

 Empower food safety production

Authoritative assist apps doubled

There are tricks to achieving safety. The SFG-S food grade fixture from SRT is suitable for the full scenario application of food production line sorting.

“1” innovation – the fixture connector surface is coated with Teflon coating, so that the fixture has corrosion resistance, good hydrophobicity, non-viscosity and wear resistance.


Corrosion resistance

For neutral cleaners, such as household detergent and other mild cleaners have corrosion resistance;


After meeting water, water drops automatically into balls and do not move;

Not sticky

Whether it’s ice cream, chocolate chips, sushi (grease), soy sauce soup and other stains, just wash it;

Wear resistance

Under the action of slight rubbing external force, the fixture can still maintain the original intact state.

 “1” Protection – All cracks on the surface of the fixture are sealed with food-grade fluorine rubber ring to avoid food residue from invading the inside of the fixture, and the product protection level is high.

“1” Breakthrough – the fixture adopts sanitary design, with the characteristics of “easy to take care of”, after the operation, can use high pressure water gun to rinse directly. After cleaning, the water vapor will condense into drops to prevent the accumulation of liquid.

“2” Certification — The finger of the jig is made of food-grade silicone, which has passed the US FDA test and Japan JFSL370 two-way test certification.

Sorting standard and matching good goods

It starts with physical appearance and ends with technology

Jig adopts SRT “cool black + royal blue” classic color match, with green “food grade fluorine rubber seal”, the material source is not conservative, highlight the quality of ingenuity. In addition, SFG-S food grade fixture also has the following characteristics:

Small in size, light in weight

Simple installation, easy to control

More practical, more powerful

In short, want to quickly use “flexible technology” to break out of the siege to achieve high quality and high productivity? Want to get rid of the food safety problem with the application of automation? Want to be the god of food production and reap double the joy of cutting costs? Sfg-s food grade fixture should be the first choice.

As the “born talent” in the SRT family of products, SFG-S food-grade fixtures bring a new technological experience that redefines food production with technology. In the future, more product “pioneers” bearing SRT’s independent research and development will flood into all walks of life, and be empowered by innovative technology to feel the changes of The Times.


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