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From McKinsey to Singularity University, we’re finding out that: “Online college classes can be better than in-person ones. The implications for higher ed are profound.”

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In some near-term future, lots of brilliant roboticists and robot techs will not credit Star Wars or Star Trek for their inspiration to pursue a robotics career…but rather, they will warmly recall these free, online robotics courses as the triggers for change in their lives.

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CS 223A – Introduction to Robotics, Stanford University
6.832 Underactuated Robotics – MIT OCW
CS287 Advanced Robotics at UC Berkeley Fall 2019 — Instructor: Pieter Abbeel
CS235 – Applied Robot Design for Non-Robot-Designers – Stanford University
CS 205A: Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision, and Graphics (Fall 2013)
Robot Mechanics and Control, SNU
Introduction to Robotics Course – UNCC
SLAM Lectures
Introduction to Vision and Robotics 2015/16- University of Edinburgh
ME 597 – Autonomous Mobile Robotics – Fall 2014
ME 780 – Perception For Autonomous Driving – Spring 2017
ME780 – Nonlinear State Estimation for Robotics and Computer Vision – Spring 2017
METR 4202/7202 — Robotics & Automation – University of Queensland
Robotics – IIT Bombay
Introduction to Machine Vision
6.834J Cognitive Robotics – MIT OCW
Hello (Real) World with ROS – Robot Operating System – TU Delft
Programming for Robotics (ROS) – ETH Zurich
Mechatronic System Design – TU Delft
CS 206 Evolutionary Robotics Course Spring 2020
Foundations of Robotics – UTEC 2018-I
Robotics – Youtube
Robotics and Control: Theory and Practice IIT Roorkee
ME142 – Mechatronics Spring 2020 – UC Merced
Mobile Sensing and Robotics – Bonn University
MSR2 – Sensors and State Estimation Course (2020) – Bonn University
SLAM Course (2013) – Bonn University
ENGR486 Robot Modeling and Control (2014W)
Robotics by Prof. D K Pratihar – IIT Kharagpur
Introduction to Mobile Robotics – SS 2019 – Universität Freiburg
Robot Mapping – WS 2018/19 – Universität Freiburg
Mechanism and Robot Kinematics – IIT Kharagpur
Self-Driving Cars – Cyrill Stachniss – Winter 2020/21 – University of Bonn)
Mobile Sensing and Robotics 1 – Part Stachniss (Jointly taught with PhoRS) – University of Bonn
Mobile Sensing and Robotics 2 – Stachniss & Klingbeil/Holst – University of Bonn



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