SRT Helps an Enterprise’s Flexible Automatic Production

The customer is a well-known global food enterprise. Its leading products are leisure foods and beverages, and its business covers 200 countries worldwide. The enterprise has a high degree of automatic production, and the automatic production covers the whole production line. After getting to know the SRT flexible intelligent solution, customers are willing to combine their existing production lines with SRT’s flexible grippers to upgrade overall production.

Pain spot
The customer requests that the out-of-order products in the frame should be grabbed and placed in the corresponding position on the rack in the operation of the product. The scheme involves the identification of the position of the product in the frame by the visual camera, and the grippers must be compatible with the different specifications of the product, and the fragile snacks in the package cannot be damaged.

After SRT’s flexible gripper is configured, it can not only realize accurate and nondestructive grasping, but also can successfully help customers realize the automatic operation of the goods sorting and shelving process, and effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers.


Taking full account of the characteristics of crispness, fragility and different packaging sizes of the product, SRT replaced the manual snack grabbing and placement process with SRT’s flexible gripper. The gripper judged the product position through visual recognition, ensured that the product packaging and the food in the bag would not be damaged, and then completed the demand for product sorting and shelves at the same time, which provided the users with the perfect solution.

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