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Classic Applications: Food Industry

The SRT-iEOAT solution has been verified by several successful cases. It can be widely used in food sorting, packaging and other fields.

The SRT-iEOAT flexible gripper has soft pneumatic “fingers”, which will not cause physical damage to the product surface, and the adjustable gripper has a wide range of applications.

There is no need to change the device frequently. One “claw” can be compatible with a variety of products. It can effectively solve the problems of sorting, handling and cartoning of special-shaped and vulnerable articles.

Sorting: egg dumplings

Pain Point
A customer’s egg dumpling production line needs sorting and packing. Because the temperature of the dumplings is high and very soft, there is the danger of scalding by manual sorting.

SRT’s flexible gripper is made of food grade silica gel, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can work stably from minus 40 degrees to above 150 degrees.

Successfully help customers solve the demand point of high-temperature grasping, improve production capacity and protect egg dumplings from pollution and damage

Sorting & cartoning: moon cakes

Pain Point
Facing the moon cake sorting and packaging links that have not been automated, the customer company is willing to carry out automated transformation in the production line.

After matching the SRT flexible gripper, the moon cake can be sorted and packed at high speed on the original line, which makes the packaging of moon cakes break through the limitations of conventional manual handling and time.

To achieve precise and high-speed loading, and successfully help customers achieve automatic operation of food sorting and packaging process.

Loading & unloading: ice cream

Pain Point
The ice cream cone is fragile, with the manual sorting rate high and the efficiency rate low. A traditional gripper and suction cup cannot be applied.

SRT’s flexible gripper is made of food grade silica gel, which has strong adhesion between silica gel molecules and excellent resilience, which can ensure the perfect fit between the gripper and the fragile flower tube and reduce the rate of damage.

After the flexible gripper is configured, the blanking of the whole production line is smoother, and the efficiency is increased by 1.5 times.

Loading & unloading: fried bread stick

Pain Point
Fried bread sticks are soft and easy to adhere. Traditional grippers and suction cups are not suitable. Relying on manual feeding will face problems such as reduced production capacity and difficult health control.

SRT’s flexible gripper can customize anti-oil fingers, and can accurately load and unload materials even when the objects to grasp grasping are soft and special shaped.

Successfully help customers solve the sorting problem of fried bread sticks and effectively ensure food hygiene and safety.

Sorting: dairy products

Pain Point
With the change of market demand, the production of dairy products has been adjusted from single variety to multi-variety. The secondary deployment of traditional automatic production line is difficult and it is difficult to adapt to the current market changes.

Equipped with SRT flexible gripper grab, dairy products, seamless connection with existing equipment, can quickly deploy two production lines.

It helps customers save the overall cost of equipment and realize efficient product capture.

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