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Automated Production Lines That Can Grip Hot Products Without Causing Damage

SRT's flexible gripping solution has successfully automated the production of high temperature products

One of the production lines of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. needs to push out the air conditioning fan blades molded in the injection molding machine and then grip them for unloading.

The fan blade is hot when it is freshly removed from the injection molding machine and is also soft and easily deformed, so it is difficult to grip manually. Moreover, the air conditioning fan blade has no suction points and the surface is extremely easy to scratch, which cannot be perfectly addressed by traditional rigid grippers and suction cups.


The SRT’s flexible grippers are made of silicone and will not scratch the surface of the product when gripping. It can be operated at 150 degrees Celsius and is an effective alternative to manual labor.

SRT’s flexible gripping solution has successfully automated the production of high temperature products without causing damage.

Successful Case
GREE air conditioner fan blade loading and unloading, unloading of plastic shells for VTech (Dongguan) plastic products and electronic toys.



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