SRT: Soft Robot Gripper: Case Sharing

Application of Flexible Gripper in Dough Sorting Line

Flexible grippers made of food-grade silicone come into direct contact with food without causing contamination

The customer is an integrated company specializing in the production and processing of bakery products and needs to load and unload bread billets on its sorting and packaging line. The original production line had been relying on manual sorting and the customer wanted to automate and upgrade the line.

As the dough is soft, shaped and variable in size, there has been no suitable end gripper that could be applied for the automatic upgrade of the production line .

With the SRT’s flexible gripper, the original production line can sort and grip the dough and achieve automatic loading and unloading, solving the original problem of the production line. The flexible grippers are made of food-grade silicone and can come into direct contact with food without causing contamination. They can also adaptively wrap around the target object and grip dough that varies greatly in size and shape without dropping material, meeting the needs of the customer.

Advantages of SFG-N series grippers

  • Wrap around the object, providing stable and accurate gripping
  • Food-grade silicone material ensures food hygiene and health safety
  • Operating speed up to 90 CPM, fully meet the needs of the production line

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