Realizing Digital Production

SRT Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Are Helping Food Industry to Realize Digital Production

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

As the second pillar industry of the national economy, the modernization level of the food industry has become an important symbol reflecting the quality of people’ s lives. As the scale of enterprises in the food industry grows, the rise of both labor cost and material consumption has increased the expenditure of enterprises in the production process, leading to an increasingly urgent need for food manufacturing and packaging enterprises to reduce costs. With the impetus of new technologies such as cloud computing, internet and artificial intelligence, food manufacturing and packaging companies will focus on digital production, reducing costs and improving production efficiency to achieve
industrial transformation and upgrading.

Overcoming challenges
The food packaging industry faces the following challenges in achieving digital production:

  • Products have fragile, soft or irregularly shaped characteristics, making it difficult for traditional grippers to grip them adaptively;
  • In production lines, inspection and positioning are important steps in quality control, whereas traditional manual visual inspection methods are inefficient, prone to missing and labor-intensive;
  • At present, the transport, management and control of materials are mainly done by manpower, resulting in the rise of warehouse rent and labor costs, while profits are constantly being squeezed.

#1 SRT-iEOAT solution
The SRT-iEOAT solution can guarantee the gripping speed while enabling non-destructive gripping of objects in production, which can effectively overcome the problem of gripping and handling of shaped and fragile items.

The product has also passed the US and Japanese FDA food certification and the EU AP certification, allowing direct contact with food without causing contamination.

It further realizes automatic food production and packaging, helping enterprises to save labor costs, improve production efficiency and achieve efficient, energy-saving and safe food processing.


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#2 Robotic vision integrated solution
SRT Soft Robot
focuses on the manufacturing and packaging industries in the food segment.

Based on its original core vision platform, SRT independently builds the underlying C++ algorithm framework and achieves precise applications in the development of intelligent technologies such as dimensional measurement, visual guidance, identification and sorting, as well as appearance inspection, helping factories to optimize their production lines, increase production capacity and save costs.

In the food sorting process, SRT’s integrated robotic vision solutions can accurately locate objects, identify their characteristics and measure their information, thus completing object inspection, stabilizing the quality and protecting the food from contamination during distribution.

#3 Intelligent storage solutions
SRT soft robot adopts advanced control technology, bus technology, communication and information technology, based on intelligent logistics, intelligent workshop and industrial internet solutions, to customize an exclusive integrated intelligent warehousing and logistics solution according to the actual operational scenario of the customer.

The solution can provide customers with automatic in and out, automatic sorting, automatic distribution and other services, which can achieve optimal use of storage space, access and distribution automation, and system intelligence, thus comprehensively improving the intelligent management capability of factories.

 In the future, SRT Soft Robot will continue to provide intelligent manufacturing solutions for traditional manufacturing industries and help companies achieve digital production!