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Soft Robot Tech: New Products Released

Realizing Efficient and Convenient Flexible Manufacturing Solutions

SRT’s newly released SFG-N flexible grippers have stronger load force and gripping adaptability, and can be used in food and fresh food, 3C electronics, auto parts, medical, daily chemical, logistics and warehousing industries to provide automated flexible production solutions.

Also, SRT’s newly released MSF series miniature clamps are available! –Provide efficient and convenient flexible manufacturing solutions for shaped and precision parts.

Product Description

SFG series gripper
SRT’s self-developed SFG gripper is made of food-grade silicone material. SFG can guarantee the gripping speed while achieving non-destructive gripping of production objects. Its flexible pneumatic “fingers” can be adaptively wrapped around the target object, effectively solving the problem of gripping and handling of shaped and fragile objects.

The structure design of upgraded SFG-N series gripper has been optimized in order to handle demanding load tasks and gripping range. SFG-N flexible grippers can easily handle large or heavy materials. One gripper is compatible with multiple products, no need for frequent device changes, ideal for automated flexible production.

Product Advantages

1. Variable distance adjustment enables one gripper to grasp a variety of products.
SFG-N Grippers can freely adjust the finger spacing according to the size of the item to grip different objects. This kind of adjustable gripper has an outstanding practicality in actual production since one gripper is able to grasp a variety of products and it is no longer necessary to change the end-effector frequently. Thanks to SFG-N Grippers, it is easier for engineers to design gripping solutions.

2. Increased load force for safe and reliable gripping
SFG-N grippers have multiple gripping capability, which means it is possible to grip multiple materials at one time. Besides, the gripping force of SFG-N grippers has been enhanced by 18%, and the load force has been increased to 110%, which enables the robot to grip materials smoothly and reliably during fast movement.

3. Diverse mounting methods, fully meet the needs of diverse production line
In addition to top air supply and mounting from the top, SFG-N grippers can also get air supply and be mounted from the front or from the side. This feature enables SFG-N grippers to fully adapt to the changing complex working conditions and meet the needs of diverse production lines.

Product application
Grippers can be used in CNC machine tool loading and unloading, intelligent assembly, automatic sorting, logistics and warehousing, and food processing lines, and can also be used as functional accessory for scientific research and experimental equipment, intelligent entertainment equipment, or service robots. It is ideal for customers who require high safety and adaptable gripping action.

Product Description

 MSF series miniature clamps
MSF series miniature grippers are innovative flexible grippers based on the bionic design of crab pincer drive form and have strong adaptability and fast response speed. It can be used for gripping precision and shaped objects without damaging the product surface and is especially suitable for 3C electronics and injection molding industries.

Product Advantages

1. Fast response speed
MSF series miniature grippers are directly driven by cylinder actuators. With a high frequency response speed, MSF can meet the demand of automated production of precision and shaped objects, and can also reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises.

2. Agile gripping method
In machining operations, cylinder-type or sheet-type parts usually have thin walls, are easily damaged and are hard to grab, making sorting and gripping difficult.

MSF series micro grippers have two types of clamping methods: internal support and external gripping, which are both accurate and stable. MSF solve the problem of gripping precision objects in narrow spaces with array placement.

3. Customization service
Due to the continuous iteration of products, factories have put forward higher requirements on the precision and reliability of the assembly process.

MSF series miniature grippers can provide customized services, solving the stable gripping of precision and shaped objects in compact spaces, meeting the needs of diversified production lines and helping enterprises to realize automation transformation and upgrading.

4. Saving cost
MSF series miniature grippers can be configured with an industrial air source and a two-position and five-port solenoid valve. There is no need for matching controller, saving cost and maintenance for companies and making it less difficult to operate.

Product Application
It can be widely used in industries including 3C electronics, auto parts, precision machinery, fresh food, glass products, new energy, daily necessities, injection molding, and medical.


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