Action Heroes for the Rest of Us

The Emma Coalition: Spreading Ideas That Matter

The Emma Coalition is decidedly fresh air for a world grown bone weary
from chasing AI demons around their workplaces

“Spreading Ideas That Matter”
There’s an uncomfortable something coming our way the shape of which we can’t quite make out just yet. When it does arrive, however, it’s going to test us to the max. All of us! And we have to be ready.

The Emma Coalition senses this certain something as well, and has committed itself to getting people ready:

“The accelerating pace of automation will likely lead to productivity increases on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution, while displacing tens of millions of American [and global] workers from their current occupations – a phenomenon known as TIDE, technology-induced displacement of employees.” 
—The Emma Coalition

Greater good
As a writer, author, publisher, wrangler of words and ideas, and spreader of news and information on technology, I’ve been asked to lend a hand to the cause. Actually, it’s high time that I did something for the greater good.

The Emma Coalition is decidedly fresh air for a world grown bone weary of chasing AI demons around their workplaces and from the daily stress of workers fearing for the fragility of their careers because of technological disruption. The Emma Coalition is stepping up right into the face of it all…and just in the nick of time.

The world is looking for action heroes ready and willing to contend with and make sense out of the roiling clash of automation, people and jobs. The Emma Coalition is reaching for its cape.

The Emma Coalition has asked me to join its board of directors, which I have enthusiastically accepted. I haven’t been given a cape yet; it seems you have to earn one. Wish me luck.

Better still, join the movement. We need you. —Tom Green

"The real issue is not dislocation or the surplus of newly created jobs,
it is the adequacy of preparing the workforce for new roles."
The Emma Coalition is working to provide a roadmap of how this is best accomplished.

The Emma Coalition addresses the question: With the fast-paced arrival of innovative and transformative technologies, will workers whose jobs are most likely to be disrupted have the skills and training required for the new jobs being created?

A Nationwide Effort
The Emma Coalition seeks to organize a nationwide effort and partnership among small and large American businesses and the organizations that represent them; representatives of organized labor; and nonprofit, research and academic institutions to prepare the workforce for the coming TIDE through education, training and engagement with policymakers. 

With proper preparation, employers and their workers can ride and thrive in TIDE. Without proper preparation, TIDE will overwhelm them.

Download your free copy of The Emma Coalition report: Securing the Future of Global Employment

The Emma Coalition video: At the Emma Coalition, we believe that collective action is the only way to effectively tackle the looming issues facing every workplace.