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FURO-Care is an emotional, social care robot that can be utilized at home, especially for children as well as seniors living alone. 

FURO-Care is able to understand human languages and provides emotional care through daily conversation. It is also able to provide functions like book reading to children and telepresence video chat with family members for seniors.


A foreign visitor wandering around PyeongChang Winter Olympics’ stadium asks FURO in English “Is there a foreign currency exchange available here?” To which FURO answers “A foreign currency exchange is available at the bank located in Media village.”

One of the Olympics athletes asks FURO in English, “Where is the laundry room?” FURO quickly replies “The Laundry service is located at the front office in the North zone.”

The situations stated above are actual dialogues of services provided by FURO during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics being held in February 2018, where the FUROs will serve as an information desks and guides. FURO understands 4 human languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) and serves to help thousands of foreign visitors as well as volunteer staff during the Winter Olympics.

 A total 30 FURO service robots are strategically deployed at the Winter Olympics, including most sporting venues, main operation center, international broadcasting center, and every Olympic village. While interacting with thousands of foreign attendees during the PyeongChang Games, the FutureRobot family of FURO service robots is at the forefront of creating a positive first impression of Korea’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

 “We will take part in the successful hosting and publicity of the PyeongChang Olympic Games through Korea’s representative robot technology,” said Mr. Se-kyong Song, President and CEO of FutureRobot. FUROs have already been successfully placed at San Jose Airport in Silicon Valley US and Bank of China.

Mr. Song revealed his expectation that FutureRobot will achieve qualitative growth in the global market through its association with the Olympics.