SRT: Automatic Handling of Materials with Holes?

ISC internal support clamp is recommended!

Product Description
ISC internal support clamp is an innovative flexible clamp designed to imitate the self-defense form of the puffer. By charging air with a certain pressure into the flexible air bag, the air bag can expand and the internal support grabbing can be achieved.

The input air pressure can be precisely controlled, the clamping force exerted by the clamp on the workpiece can be controlled, and the workpiece is not easily damaged, so that ISC internal support clamp is the ideal choice for handling bottle-shaped and circular materials as well as materials with hole.

Product Advantages
1. Simple — Fast and easy to set and replace

ISC airbag internal support clamp is composed of a buffer rod and an airbag module. By thread connection, it is convenient for users to replace the airbag module, saving the installation and debugging time of users.

  1. Safe – certification and testing, no damage

The air bag module is made of standard silicone rubber (food grade), and the grabbing action is gentle, and the product is suitable for grabbing vulnerable products. At the same time, the internal support clamp has passed FDA certification in the United States and Japan, and will not cause pollution to the product.

  1. Flexible — narrow space to extract a variety of materials

In the production environment of many varieties and small batch, ISC air bag internal support clamp has volume small, high flexibility and response speed of 0.3s, which can meet customer demands, especially it is suitable for the array grabbing of porous or circular materials in narrow space.

  1. Temperature resistant – achieve stable grabbing in high temperature environment

The contact temperature is up to 150℃, and the product can still achieve stable grabbing in the high temperature environment.

  1. After-sales service — humanized quality assurance service

The company shall be responsible for free replacement or maintenance if the product fails during operation 6 months from the date of delivery or within 100,000 times of operation, which belongs to the quality of the product itself.

Technical Parameters

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Production application
The product can be widely used in 3C electronics, beverage, injection molding, healthcare, daily chemicals and other industries.


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