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ASIAN FACTOID: INFRASTRUCTURE IN A HURRY: Since 2008, China has put into operation over 15,000 miles of high-speed railway, far more than the total high-speed lines operating in the rest of the world. —World Bank

“Asia is learning to lead…again!”
New Automation, New Attitude, New Asia
Asia spending big and fast for technological advantage is making headway
27 March 2021
This Is Robotics
What’s going on in the world of robotics?

Robots, Retail & $1T Gone AWOL!
Can robots help stem retailer losses from out-of-stock goods? Retail needs something…and fast!

Robotic Material Removal
Higher Efficiency Due to Automated Deburring
With the CRT, RCV, and CDB, SCHUNK has developed three units for different deburring tasks providing an optimal tool for any application.

U.S. Scrutiny Over China’s Robots
How politics and great power intrigue are already influencing the global robotics industry, and what the consequences might be.

The Best of the Best for 2021
Top 20 Rankings in Engineering & Technology

What Automation Needs to Flourish
Why Is Southeast Asia So Investment Worthy?
Four charts, one booklet and a video explain it all!

New Breed: “Collaborative” Service Robots
Service Robots & The Pandemic Next Time!
Will service robots make the deadline? They need help in order to help us.

Out of China
Robots in Southeast Asia: The Big Next!
Industrial robot sales in Southeast Asia poised for rapid expansion as trade war tariffs drive low-end manufacturing south earlier than expected.

Real Heroes, Real Events!

The Digital Revolution began in an old laundry building in 1949. The Cold War defense against atomic attack began in the backseat of a taxi the same year. This is the story of how they both came together…and changed the world.

Relive the Making of the Future
The Untold Story of Everything Digital

“Informed and informative. A unique and extraordinary history,
unreservedly recommended.”
John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review
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