The Bountiful ASEAN

Land of Plenty for Robots & Cobots

Automation in Southeast Asia


$321B in ASEAN Infrastructure Funding to Drive Automation
May well be the jewel in the crown of Asia’s future.

Southeast Asian Update 2018 & Outlook 2019
Since 2000, the ASEAN economies have collectively grown faster than any other Asian economy except China. GDP has quadrupled, per capita income tripled, and foreign direct investment (FDI) into ASEAN countries quintupled.

Myanmar & Vietnam

Investing in the Pain Points
Myanmar Awakening: New Automation Frontier
Forecast to nearly triple GDP by 2030: $69B to $200B

Lucky Moon Over Myanmar
Why fail when everyone wants you to win? Myanmar could well become one of automation’s finer creations

Korea Adds Robotics to Smart Vietnam Strategy
Korea makes smart, decisively bold moves into the ASEAN, especially with Vietnam

Thailand & Malaysia

World’s 4th Largest Economy 2050
Observations from Southeast Asia
For robot tech producers, unprecedented opportunities await in Thailand as well as Malaysia

Our full interview with Dr. Laowattana: See why he’s called The Godfather of Thai Robotics!

Malaysia’s Robot City Gets Cranking
Seeking its own piece of Industry 4.0, Malaysia looks toward digitally-driven manufacturing for an edge in productivity…and a better future

Who’ll Try It First?
How to Sell Cobots in Thailand
Far away from the banners and booths, a cobot bonanza awaits

Part One of a Two-part Article
Thai Robotics & The Godfather’s Backstory
Thai robotics comes of age and the man who made it happen

Part Two of a Two-part Article
Thailand’s Massive Reach for the Future
The Corridor: 5,000 square miles where robots and automation systems will rule a digital landscape

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